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You can use this site to locate University, TAFE and any other type of course across Australia, get information about the VCE, search for job vacancies and much more. Feel free to drop into the Careers Office if you have any questions.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Job Applications (Posted: 06/05/2021)

5 Seemingly Small Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Job Applications

Getting the Application Right
So far, we’ve covered putting together a winning resumenavigating the confusing terrain of a cover letter, and talked success points for making a great impression at your interview. While these are the ‘Big Three’ as it were of getting ahead with your job search, you’re also likely to come across the need to fill in online application forms or work through an application process.
We know it all seems pretty straightforward – how hard can filling in an online form be, right? We’re with you, but we also know from experience that while it seems easy peasy, there are a few tiny things to be conscious of that can often make the difference between scoring an interview or receiving one of those awful rejection emails.
Read our full post here.

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

Supporting your child on their career journey (Posted: 06/05/2021)

The Department of Education and Training together with Parents Victoria will present this 1-hour webinar for parents on how they can support their children to make informed subject, course and career choices and outline supports that are available for young people when they leave school.


  • Tuesday, 18 May from 11am - 12pm │click here to register

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

CMY - Centre for Multicultural Youth (Posted: 03/05/2021)

Career Convos (Conversations)

Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) is hosting virtual weekly Career Convos to help young people learn more about jobs and careers.

When: Every Wednesday at 4:00pm 

To find out more click here 

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

JMC - Audio Production Mentoring Sessions (Posted: 29/04/2021)

1-on-1 sessions for year 9-12 students

Free Audio & Sound Engineering mentoring sessions on 4 dates throughout May. Students will have the opportunity to book in a 30-minute, 1-on-1, session with one of JMC's industry lectures and access to a production suite.

Workshop an existing idea or create something new!

19 May                                                    26 May
20 May                                                    27 May

4:00pm - 6:00pm                                     Bookings:
                                                                9624 2929

JMC Academy
196 Bank St, South Melbourne

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

VOTING NOW OPEN || HOME Competition People's Choice (Posted: 28/04/2021)

Dear Ashwood High School Community,

Hope you are well.

It is now time to band together and support our own - Jianhang Xu & Sebastian Morris - in the PSC Photography Studies College HOME Competition People's Choice.

Check out the entries and vote for Jianhang Xu - Home of Poseidon & Sebastian Morris - My Historical Home to boost them and Ashwood High School toward victory!

Click the i on one photo for details of all photos to appear, this will help you find Jianhang & Sebastian's entries.

                                                  VOTE HERE

                             Voting closes May 6th at 11:59pm

Prizes include

$250 Ted's Cameras Voucher for the student winner AND $250 Ted's Cameras Voucher for their secondary school.

Both the winner and their school will also receive a professionally printed and framed A3 image that they can proudly display.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

UNSW Bragg Prize - Top ten science writing tips that will change the way you write (Posted: 28/04/2021)

If you want to be a science writer and want to learn some amazing top tips from this years’ UNSW Bragg Prize judges, then scroll down the page!

The golden top ten tips from our five judges; Bradley ThomasCeridwen DoveyCorey TuttDyani Lewis and Heather Catchpole will change the way you write!

Bradley’s tips

#1 Honesty and genuineness

Your writing should be honest, fascinating, genuine and really show how important your topic means to you, your family and society.

#2 Indulge in science

Indulge in scientific terminology to showcase your writing skills, passion and enthusiasm for the incredible world of science now and in the future.

Ceridwen’s tips

#3 Don’t be afraid to be critical

Ceridwen believes that good science writing should go beyond simply describing what is happening, and incorporate a deeper analysis of why something is happening, and the wider consequences (both positive and negative) of any scientific research.

#4 Ask dumb Qs when interviewing a scientist

Never shy away from asking dumb questions while you’re interviewing someone. It’s hard to do because you naturally want them to think you understand everything about their field, but in this day and age, every scientific field is incredibly specialized, and until you become comfortable with asking the most basic questions, you won’t ever build your frames of reference so that you begin to understand the complexities of the topic.

Corey Tutt’s tips

#5 Be brave

While you write a piece of content, always remember to be brave and deadly just as our judge ‘Deadly Science’s Founder, Corey Tutt is.

#6 You can’t be what you can’t see 

You can’t be what you can’t see so find writers who inspire you in form of advisors, mentors, teachers and be inspired while you learn the art of writing.

Dyani Lewis’s tips

#7 A little spice goes a long way

Even the briefest descriptions can pack a punch with the right words. Does that slimy substance you’re describing remind you of silken tofu (yum!), or a snot-glob of mucus? Don’t be afraid to pull out the thesaurus to find unique words and phrases to spice up your writing.

#8 What are you trying to say?

Is there a point to the story that you are telling? Why should the reader care? Keep in mind what message you want your reader to take away with them.

Heather Catchpole’s tips

#9 Just start

Think about how you can approach the story. Is there something unique or interesting that connects you to the subject? Writing about what interests you most means your passion will shine through in your essay. Once you have an idea, just start writing! Don’t try and get it perfect, just start jotting down as many ideas as you can think of – you can improve the language and structure later.

#10 Always proofread! 

When you have finished your essay, get someone to proofread your essay (and not just by pasting on Google Docs or online grammar checkers). If you correct grammar and spelling errors in the final draft, your essay will make a better impression on your readers – and you also want to make sure that they understand your ideas.

Who is the competition for?

The UNSW Bragg student prize is open to all high school students in Years 7–10.

It’s a great way to complement your studies across all areas including Science, English, History & Geography, Design & Technology and more!

ENTER here into the UNSW Bragg Prize science writing competition. We wish you all the best with your entries and hope that these tips will help you in your writing endeavours in future as well.

Click here for original article

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

A $15,000 scholarship to help you explore tech for good (Posted: 28/04/2021)

Three quick questions for you!
  1. Do you think technology has the power to help people and the planet?
  2. Are you considering studying at university next year?
  3. Would you like a network of awesome people around you to help you succeed?
If the answer is yes, check out the Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship. Designed to support high school leavers who are passionate about exploring tech for good, the scholarship includes $15,000 over three years to go towards your undergraduate studies and a stack of incredible development opportunities. There are 35 scholarships up for grabs each year.
The Scholarship also gives you access to the Westpac 100 Scholars Network (W100). Growing by 100 Westpac Scholars every year, you’ll have the chance to connect with like-minded people from across the country who share your passion to create a better future. According to past scholarship recipients, this is actually the best part of the scholarship.  

Don’t limit yourself – explore all the options.
2016 scholarship recipient and UTS graduate, Amy Robertson wasn’t considering studying technology until a few weeks before degree preferences closed. Six years on, she hasn’t looked back. Read more about her experiences regarding tech, scholarships, graduate programs and the unexpected opportunities of working for a big bank.

Meet the 2021 Westpac Young Technologists Scholars
The Westpac Scholars Trust has just announced its 2021 recipients. From aspiring cybersecurity experts and environmentalists to creative content developers with plans to design virtual content and games that help people, they all share a common goal to make a difference through their studies and future careers. Check out their profiles.
What to know more and apply?
Visit Westpac Scholars Trust to find out about the five universities who offer the scholarship, what courses are applicable and the eligibility criteria. Applications for 2022 scholarships open in August. Register your interest today.
Also check out Westpac Scholars on Instagram – you’ll get a sense of all the incredible people you’ll be able to connect with through the W100 if your application is successful.  

Good luck!

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

Discover Deakin (Posted: 27/04/2021)

Course information webinars

Are your students interested in a particular study area?

Discover Deakin webinars gives students a chance to experience our progressive, real-world approach to learning. The webinars will cover a range of undergraduate study areas and topics to help your students make a confident choice to study at Deakin. They will also have a chance to meet future teachers, hear student stories about what it’s like to study at Deakin and get their questions answered by our experts.

Webinar                                                                     Date
Doctor of Medicine                                                    Tue 20 April
Science                                                                     Tue 4 May
Environment                                                              Wed 5 May
Criminology                                                               Mon 10 May
Engineering                                                               Tue 11 May
Bachelor of Arts                                                         Wed 12
May Business analytics                                             Mon 17 May
International studies                                                  Wed 19 May
Health sciences                                                         Mon 24 May
Nutrition and dietetics                                                Tues 25 May
Psychology                                                                Wed 26 May
Nursing and midwifery                                               Thur 27 May
Exercise and sport science                                       Mon 31 May
Webinar Date Creative arts and design                    Tues 1 June
Marketing psychology and human
resource management psychology                           Wed 2 June
Teaching                                                                    Thur 3 June
Property and real estate                                            Mon 7 June
Commerce and business                                          Tues 8 June
Law                                                                           Wed 9 June
Sport management and sport development             Thur 10 June
Architecture and construction management             Wed 16 June
Information technology                                             Tues 22 June
CASPer Test                                                             Wed 15 Sept

Further sessions and webinar registration can be found on the Discover Deakin web page.

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

The Highlights from RMIT (Posted: 22/04/2021)

RMIT + Spill the Beans Fundraiser Event

You are invited to celebrate the collaboration of Spill the Beans and RMIT University and help raise funds for the students coming through the Pitchfest program. Our Pitchfest workshops are designed to teach students a range of entrepreneurial skills with a specific focus on bringing an idea to life.

Register here.

Discover What’s Next

The Discover What's Next webinar series is for secondary school students and their parents who are interested in finding out more about RMIT. The schedule of webinars is live now for students and parents to register.

For more information and to register, click here.

Flight Training – New Fleet and Learn to Fly webinar

RMIT University has purchased 24 state-of-the-art planes so students gaining a Commercial Pilots License at Point Cook and Bendigo from 2022 are training in the highest quality equipment.

Head of Flight Training, Mike Heffey, has announced that the new fleet will be comprised of 17 Cessna 172s, four Cessna 182s, two twin-engine Piper Seminoles and an American Champion Super Decathlon which is used for aerobatics training

“This fleet will be the newest and most modern in Australia. The cockpit technology includes extra features such as early warning systems and terrain awareness; in other words, it is similar to commercial airline aircraft. Students will be learning in the ‘Rolls Royce’ of training planes. We pride ourselves on quality equipment, quality teaching and most importantly – on safety,”

Click here for more information on the Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots)

Virtual Training – Learn to Fly webinar

Tuesday 13 April, 3:00-3:45pm

Paul Wyborn, Senior Flight Instructor at RMIT Flight Training, will be discussing the Associate Degree in Aviation, a 2-year pilot training program offering pathways to the vast and exciting industry of aviation. Paul will also share information about flight training locations, RMIT University’s partnership with Qantas, the industry forecast and career opportunities.

Register here.

RMIT at ACN Nursing & Health Virtual Expo

Saturday 24 April, 8:30am – 2:30pm AEST

RMIT will be at the upcoming Australian College of Nursing’s Nursing & Health Virtual Expo.

The ACN Nursing & Health Virtual Expo is an annual event that connects visitors with a range of educational institutions and industry organisations.

The event is aimed towards:

• Anyone considering a career in the nursing or health professions, including secondary students and school leavers
• Current nurses seeking postgraduate information and further career opportunities
• Tertiary students studying nursing

RMIT will be running webinars across vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate nursing courses and showcasing the new state-of-the-art simulated learning facilities on Bundoora campus.

There will be a team of teaching staff ready to connect with school leavers and nurses looking to start or upskill their career in nursing.

If you’re attending the expo or know someone who is attending, make sure to visit our virtual booth.

More information here.

Dreams, Knits & Heartbreaks documentary

What’s it like to show your graduate collection at Australia’s most prestigious fashion exhibition for emerging talent?

Follow Olivia Fagan, Phoebe Pendergast-Jones and Amy Lawrance, three recent graduates of the RMIT Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours), on their journey to the National Graduate Showcase. As they prepare their collections to feature in the Melbourne Fashion Festival digital runway, they reflect on what inspires them and their hopes for the future fashion industry.

Click here to view the documentary.


Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

What is Volunteering? (Posted: 22/04/2021)

How Volunteering Can Help You Up Your Job Readiness
You might have heard a little about volunteering, and you may even regularly volunteer currently, or you might have no clue what we’re talking out. In this blog, we’re going to look at all the good reasons to get some volunteering experience on your resume!
What is Volunteering?
Volunteering is where you give your time and skills to support charitable organisations, not-for-profits, or other good causes in your local community. When many people think of volunteering, they automatically think of working in op shops and sorting through donations, but the truth is there’s A LOT you can get involved with!
From administration to social media management, graphic design to fundraising, even helping at festivals and other community events. Whatever you want to get involved in, there’s usually a pathway to it through volunteering.
Volunteering is an excellent way of supporting causes and issues you care about, and it has the bonus of boosting your job readiness.
What is Job Readiness?
Job readiness is the term we use to describe being ready for work. It’s more than simply being the right age or available for work too. It encompasses all of the good behaviours you’ll need to be aware of that make you a positive employee in the workplace. This includes things like:
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Communications Skills
  • Time Management and Organisation
  • Ability to Manage Priorities and Competing Demands
  • And many more!
Read the full post here

Food for thought! Have you noticed Vinnies are looking for volunteers?

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator.

UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing 2021 (Posted: 20/04/2021)

Pop on your thinking caps and flex those writing muscles because this year's UNSW Bragg Student Prize is now live.

This year's topic is 'The STEM in everyday life' and there are so many amazing prizes up for grabs!

The winner will be awarded a $500 UNSW Bookshop voucher and two runners-up will receive $250 book vouchers. All three winners will also receive one-year print or digital subscriptions to the Australian Book Review

The winning essay will be included in the 2022 edition of NewSouth Publishing’s highly acclaimed anthology The Best Australian Science Writing, where it will appear alongside essays by some of the country’s leading science writers.

It will also appear in an issue of CSIRO’s Double Helix magazine, on and on, as will the runners-up essays.

The regional and city school with the most entries will also score an awesome book pack from NewSouth Publishing. Simply enter as many students from your school as you can for the chance to win these books:
  • Flames of Extinction by John Pickrell
  • Plastic Free: The Inspiring Story of a Global Environmental Movement and Why It Matters by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and Joanna Atherfold Finn
  • Living with the Anthropocene by Cameron Muir
  • The Best Australian Science Writing 2021 edited by Dyani Lewis
For entry details, including what each essay should consist of, simply hit the button below.
Enter here

Best of luck!

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

NDIS - Vic - Pathways to Post School Life (Posted: 20/04/2021)

A session for young people in Years 10-12 and their families

The Department of Education and Training (DET) and NDIS are hosting webinars during May and June on Pathways to Post School Life. The target audience are parents/carers of young people with a disability in Years 10-12. The sessions will focus on building skills and paving a pathway to post school life. DET and the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will discuss a range of career planning and pathways tools, NDIS - funded supports and other assistance to help young people to build skills to prepare for their transition, and support them in achieving education, training, employment and other goals, post-school.

See the flyer attached for registration and session details. Please note the 4 sessions cover the same information and are offered over 4 different dates and times to allow flexibility for attendees.

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

Campus to Citi – Your Journey to Banking Awaits (Posted: 20/04/2021)

Can’t wait to start building your skills? Don’t wait any longer!
You may not be ready to take on a summer internship program, however that doesn’t mean you can’t start learning the basics of banking now. In partnership with The Forage, we have created a Virtual Realty Experience allowing you to do just that. The experience allows high school students, to university students to walk through various exercises that provide insight into what a day in the life of a future intern and graduate looks like. The program covers three of our major businesses, including: Want to learn more about the different teams you could explore at university? Check out this video to learn the basics of banking today! 
Interested in learning more about a future career in banking? Click here to find out more. 

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator