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You can use this site to locate University, TAFE and any other type of course across Australia, get information about the VCE, search for job vacancies and much more. Feel free to drop into the Careers Office if you have any questions.

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Hanging at home this week? Stock up on career inspo with STEM-themed quizzes. (Posted: 25/03/2020)

Stuck at home? Our STEM-themed quizzes will help pass the time
Wondering where to take your future STEM career? Curious about your CEO potential? Keen to find your 'X'?  We've put together a bunch of our top STEM-themed quizzes to get you excited about your career pathway and take your mind off COVID-19.
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Have Fun!

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Career & Pathways Coordinator

Year 10 Work Experience 2020 (Posted: 25/03/2020)

Dear Year 10,

Hope you are well.

With the holidays just around the corner it is a great time for you to source your work placement for September.

Some tips for sourcing placement include; Remember you need to have your placement locked in with your SWL submitted to me by:

                                         Friday 26th June 2020.

Good Luck!

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

100 jobs of the future (Posted: 25/03/2020)

It’s inevitable: many jobs that exist now will eventually be superseded by technology, and many industries will evolve beyond recognition, thanks to advancements in technology.  

Rather than dwelling on robots taking our jobs, we can look at the opportunities that technology brings to tomorrow’s workforce. A 2017 report by Commonwealth bank stated that ‘the future of work will be primarily about how people can collaborate effectively with machines to do what neither can do alone’. 

Some of the most in-demand roles today haven’t been around for that long — think bloggers, UX designers, digital marketers and social media managers. 

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Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator

100 jobs of the future - The list (Posted: 25/03/2020)

Dear Students,

Hope you are enjoying your early holiday!

Browse the 100 jobs of the future - I also recommend you read the full article (my previous post) and the Commonwealth Bank report accessible in the article - very interesting.

Happy reading

Kind regards

Miss Hechenberger
Careers & Pathways Coordinator